Biodiversity 2023-2050

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Biodiversity 2023-2050

The concept of biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the set of species, ecosystemsand genetic resources existing on the planet. Their conservation is fundamental, not onlyf or the sustainable functioning of the planet, but also as a source of scientific information for understanding evolution and as a source of food and medicines.

The sixth mass extinction is reflected in the fact that every day, mainly as a consequence of poorly planned human activity (climate change, unsustainable development, exploitation of resources, uncontrolled urbanization, etc.), between 100 and 300 species of plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms disappear, so that it is estimated that unless there are global changes in the way we understand the management of our environment,a considerable part of the currently existing species will become extinct over the next 20to 30 years.

It is possible that at least 2 of the 12 species presented in the room and chosen at random from among the hundreds of species shown in the audiovisual will become extinct by 2050.

We propose an active participation of the visitors, "happening" type, consisting of a vote with ballots and a ballot box by the public to select those species that should be protected in the viewer's opinion.

In this way, following the objectives of visual ecocriticism, we aim to stimulate the affective perception of living beings beyond a purely material evaluation based on the benefits and disadvantages derived from the loss of biodiversity, which is what the outdated neoliberal conception, still dominant today, is proposing and endangering the survival of mankind.

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